Review is long overdue because they've been taking excellent care of my dog Wesley for years. Dr. Queeny is excellent. I've had 2 examples where I've had to go elsewhere on the weekend and then their treatment + recommendation didn't work and when I see Dr. Queeney he knows what to do and it's fixed immediately. He just seems way more knowledgeable than any other vet I've taken my dog to over 13 years. Besides that... they are always on time and it is a very efficient office with good service. I've never had to wait long for anything and I've never been rushed either with my vet time. The technical staff has also been great on every level. Once a 24/7 vet on Gilead prescribed an antibiotic that made my dog completely deaf, a rare reaction, that Dr. Queeney saved with a thorough ear flushing a few days later. His hearing came back and it means the world to me and surely my dog too. He's also been put to sleep for dental cleanings a couple times and comes back not too high with Hollywood teeth that would make most humans jealous.

Adam J.