About Our Payment Plans

In order to focus on our patients’ needs, customer service, and minimizing costs, we are not able to bill for our services. Our policy is that payment is required at the time services are rendered. We understand that pet expenses are often unforeseen. To help ease this process, we accept a wide variety of payment plans including:


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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can help owners manage the cost of veterinary care and be prepared for unexpected expenses. We offer information on pet insurance including:

We strive to offer the best care possible for your pet. Because situations vary with each owner and patient, we will provide treatment plans tailored to fit each individual case. All options and an itemized estimate for services will be presented to you prior to treatment, so you may be able to make an informed decision regarding the direction of your pet’s care.

Wells Fargo Health Advantage®


You can enjoy budget flexibility for healthcare expenses by using the Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card at Hambright Animal Hospital. The combination of special terms promotions and a competitive rate makes this card an attractive alternative to other potentially higher-cost financing options.

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