Veterinary Assistant

Growing up, Nereida went to Mexico every year during summer break, where she would spend time with everything from dogs and cats to cows, chickens, and horses. She’s always felt an innate connection with the earth’s creatures—for Nereida, helping pets professionally in the veterinary field was simply the natural choice!

Nereida grew up only a few miles from Huntersville and started working in a boarding and doggie daycare facility as soon as she could. That facility owned several veterinary hospitals, so she had the opportunity to become a Veterinary Assistant. Almost immediately, Nereida knew it was the perfect path for her! When the time came to expand her knowledge and skillset, she decided to join the team here at Hambright Animal Hospital. She’s been a part of the family since May of 2018.

Around the clinic, Nereida is fond of performing dental cleanings and loves to see how a pet’s health can be transformed thanks to good oral care. She also has a soft spot for the hospital’s feline patients, and likes utilizing her certifications in low-stress handling and fear-free practices to help cats feel as comfortable as possible. Most of all, Nereida enjoys being a firsthand witness to the incredible bonds between pets and owners.

At home, Nereida has one pet of her own: Ava, a loveable tuxedo cat.