Registered Veterinary Technician

While Kayla always loved animals, she hadn’t thought of pursuing a career in the veterinary field. That is, until she was around 19 years old, and her puppy contracted parvovirus. The compassionate care the veterinary staff showed her dog inspired Kayla to do the same for other people and their pets, and the rest is history. As a registered veterinary technician, Kayla is making a difference in the lives of people and pets every day!

In 2015, Kayla started tech school at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College while also doing kennel work at a local clinic. Upon graduating in 2018, she moved back to the Charlotte area where she completed her externship. She spent a couple of years at a low-cost spay/neuter clinic followed by another few years in general practice before finding her place at Hambright Animal Hospital in September of 2023.

Professionally, Kayla has a special interest in laboratory work, because looking at samples under the microscope gives her a glimpse at another world hiding in plain sight. She also has a knack for putting herself in her patients’ shoes (or paws) and helping to make them feel a little less scared.

At home, Kayla has one fur baby of her own: a Yorkie mix named Leia, who survived parvo as a puppy. Leia doesn’t like other dogs because she thinks she’s a human. Kayla also helps take care of her mom’s cat, Percy. If you don’t watch him closely, he’ll try to eat anything, including potato chips, salad, and dog food.

In her free time, Kayla enjoys singing in the community choir and is currently re-learning how to play piano.