Veterinary Assistant

Ever since she was a little girl, it has been Justine’s dream to work with animals in some way. She even took zoology classes while in high school. Being able to help a creature who isn’t capable of helping themselves brings her immense satisfaction and she is thankful every day to be working in this field.

Following high school, Justine’s family moved to Georgia. There, she began getting serious about pursuing a career in the veterinary industry. Her journey began at Banfield Pet Hospital, where she worked as a Receptionist for about a year before moving on to become a Veterinary Assistant at VCA Animal Hospital. After relocating again to Charlotte, NC, Justine decided to join the Hambright Animal Hospital team as one of our star Customer Service Reps.

Professionally speaking, Justine loves every aspect of her job. The variety of different cases she sees every day ensures that she never gets bored. She especially enjoys the more challenging situations, because they keep her on her toes.

Outside of work, Justine is super close with her family, both two-legged and four. She is pet mom to three dogs: a clingy beagle, a lab and a miniature pincher who loves to sleep all day. She also has a clever cat who will eat just about anything he can get his little paws on.

Justine’s personal interests include hiking, kayaking, and spending time at the lake. She also enjoys watching movies – particularly anything scary or crime related. She and her boyfriend love food and trying out different ethnic places. Their absolute favorite is Korean BBQ.