Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up near Crowders Mountain, Jordan’s family owned several dogs. Watching them get older and seeing them experience age-related health concerns made Jordan realize that she wanted to learn more about how to care for all animals and help each and every fur-baby live their best possible life. That desire would follow Jordan into her teens and adulthood, ultimately culminating in her becoming a veterinary technician. Today, she is thrilled to be living her childhood dream and loving every minute!

Prior to joining the Hambright team, Jordan volunteered at a local animal shelter. That experience solidified her desire to work with animals and support their wellbeing. From there, she joined a general practice in Gastonia and began her career of caring for pets in a medical setting. Jordan then attended the veterinary medical technology program at Gaston College and graduated in 2022. She became a registered vet tech in 2023 and was welcomed into the Hambright family shortly thereafter. 

At home, Jordan has a few unique pets of her own, including a cute jumping spider, a shy tarantula, and several GloFish who live for mealtime. One of Jordan’s favorite hobbies is learning aerial, something she’s been practicing for several years. She also does trapeze and silks and has performed her skills at several local festivals. Jordan’s other pastimes include Xbox gaming, sipping chai tea lattes at local coffee shops, researching subjects like the Titanic and Bigfoot, and visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.