Veterinary Assistant

Sometimes seemingly minor things happen that ultimately change the trajectory of our lives. When Jenny was studying graphic design in college, her beloved childhood dog, Cinnamon, became ill. The emotional experience made her realize what she really wanted to do with her life: work with animals. As a Veterinary Assistant, Jenny gets to do what she loves most each and every day!

After finishing school at the Institute of Technical Arts, Jenny landed a job at a veterinary emergency hospital, where she worked for five years. She then relocated to Concord, NC where she worked in general practice for about a year before moving to her current home in Huntersville and taking a position here at Hambright Animal Hospital.

At work, Jenny enjoys getting to be a voice for animals and helping to provide answers to their loving owners. Having been a pet parent herself, she understands all too well how frustrating it can be to not know what to do when your loved one is sick. Being able to provide help and comfort to others during those difficult times is incredibly rewarding.

In her spare time, Jenny enjoys hiking, drawing, binge-watching television shows and traveling. She and her older sister Jaclyn have visited several European countries together and hope to one day cross Japan off their travel bucket list. Jenny doesn’t currently have any pets of her own, but she plans to adopt in the future, whenever that special one happens to find her.