Registered Veterinary Technician

Although she’s had a lifelong love for animals, Cari wasn’t always sure what career path she wanted to take. She started college as a biology major and started to explore her options. When Cari stumbled across the Veterinary Technician profession, she knew that she had found her true calling! She’s been caring for pets professionally ever since.

Cari is from a small town in Connecticut and studied biology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. She earned her Veterinary Technician credentials from Gaston College, graduating in 2001, and launched her career in this area. Having previously worked with Dr. Houghton at another local hospital, Cari jumped at the chance to join forces with him again—she knew that she wanted to get back into general practice after working in emergency care and teaching at a local college for several years. She’s been a member of the Hambright Animal Hospital family since May of 2018.

As a Tech, Cari enjoys anesthesia work and caring for older animal patients. Above all, she loves to meet and greet new pets and animal owners on a daily basis, and she never gets tired of knowing that she’s able to make a lasting difference.

Cari’s interests away from work include going on hikes in the mountains, raising her son, and spending time with her dog at home. She is the proud owner of Luke Skywalker, an Australian Shepherd/Cattle Dog mix who loves exploring the great scenery of North Carolina at every opportunity.