Veterinary Assistant

Amanda’s father was a huge animal-lover just like his daughter, and Amanda grew up with everything from dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits to ducks, hamsters, gerbils, fish, a chicken, and a pig. She grew up caring for animals of all shapes and sizes, and always wanted to learn even more about their health and wellness needs. That’s why Amanda decided to become a veterinary professional!

Originally from New Jersey, Amanda launched her animal-care career at a hospital in Waxhaw, North Carolina in 2013. She then moved back to New Jersey for a time, working at a pet clinic there, before returning to North Carolina and taking a job at a busy clinic in Charlotte. Three years later, Amanda decided to search out another opportunity and was thrilled to join the Hambright Animal Hospital family shortly after moving to Huntersville in 2017.

Here at the hospital, Amanda loves learning new and interesting things on a daily basis. She’s particularly fond of studying samples under the microscope and helping out in the surgical ward. Most of all, she enjoys speaking directly with pet owners and meeting their adorable companions every day.

Amanda’s interests outside of work include being outdoors, hiking, kayaking, and running—she ran a 10K in the past and hopes to complete more races in the future. At home, Amanda lives with her husband, Anthony, their young son Nolan, and several pets. The family has two cats named Jane and Thor, as well as an aging dog named Gabby and a spunky puppy who goes by Loki.