Natalie K.


Technician Manager

Natalie grew up right here in Huntersville with her parents, two sisters, and the family dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Sunshine. For her, animal care has always been a part of life—there was never a need to consider another career path! Natalie has worked with pets professionally ever since she was in high school, and she’s proud to now serve as a Registered Veterinary Technician and Hambright Animal Hospital’s Technician Manager.

Natalie began her veterinary journey at a doggy daycare facility, then began working at an animal hospital in Dilworth. She received her credentials in veterinary technology from Gaston College. Next, Natalie dove headfirst into emergency care in order to advance her knowledge base and skillset. After four years, she decided to return to general practice and joined the Hambright Animal Hospital team as soon as the clinic was opening its doors for business. Natalie has been a member of the family ever since!

Here at the clinic, Natalie loves communicating one-on-one with pet owners and giving them a great experience each and every time. She’s also passionate about training her team, educating other departments, and helping her team members grow as veterinary professionals and as individuals.

When she’s not at work, Natalie enjoys traveling with her husband—they hope to visit Hawaii, Indonesia, and Thailand in the near future!—and spending time with her pets at home. Both of her animal companions have only three legs: Kiya, a Labrador mix, was adopted by Natalie as a four-week old puppy with a broken leg, and Kevin the cat was surrendered to the emergency facility Natalie worked in with a front-leg wound. Natalie nursed both back to health and has been doting on them ever since!