Veterinary Assistant

Nereida speaks fluent Spanish, and is frequently our expert translator to help spanish-speaking clients. Nereida was born in Los Angeles, California before moving to Charlotte/Gastonia area when she was about 3 years old. Her childhood summers were always spent in Mexico and around a lot of animals. That experience sparked her passion for animals, and wanting to help any 4-legged family member such as yours!
Her first job was at a boarding/daycare facility for pets when she was 17 and since then her passion for animals has grown tremendously. One of her top priorities is to make sure vet visits are as least stressful as possible for both owner and pet.
She is certified in “Low Stress Handling and in Fear Free Techniques”.
She has a 2 year old kitty named Ava, and she says that Ava “rules the house!” Ava loves lazy days at home when mom is not at work and naps.