Customer Care Representative

Janice was born and raised in the old North State. She moved to Charlotte 12 years ago from Rockingham, NC. Janice has been happily married to her husband John for almost 8 years now, they have two young children, Trinity Mae and John Bruton. They have a dog, Pee Dee (2y), named for the river! A cat, Tallie (11y), and a fish whose name is ever changing but seems to be Mya (1y) at this moment!

Janice has always been involved with animals. She had many animals when she was growing up and often helped care for the animals at a family friend’s farm. While in high school Janice volunteered at the local animal shelter. She realized that she enjoyed working in animal medicine when she was able to assist the local veterinarian during a surgery on her own hunting dog when it was injured after regular business hours.

Janice is very active at University City United Methodist Church, where she and her family attend. She teaches Sunday school, is on the Children’s Ministry team and helps with various missions throughout the year. In her free time (haha!) she likes kayaking, fishing, camping, sewing, reading, cooking, and spending time with their extended family. Janice is very excited to be a part of the Hambright team!